About Angel Card Readers

What are your Angels trying to tell you?

guardianangelBy keeping an open heart and mind you can find solutions to the difficulties in your life. An Angel card reading can help point out the areas of your life that need attention or care that you may not be aware of.  Ask your personal and heartfelt questions to your Angels by asking through Suzzles personal connection to your Angels.

Suzzles has been Angel Intuitive all her life and has been conducting personal and group readings in the South Easter Pennsylvania area for many years. It is Suzzles hope that this site will encourage readers to seek the loving guidance of angels and saints and will be working on ways to provide you with individual readings on-line or in person.  In the mean time open your heart and mind to what the angels may want you to hear through inspirational stories prayers and posts on this blog.

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There are several ways that you can interact with the Angels. You can start off by paying attention to what you are drawn to or how you receive information on a daily basis. Look at

how you interact with other people during the course of your day and make notes in a journal. This will give you clues as to how you process information, feelings and emotions. Are you a person that can visualize things easily or maybe you are a great listener? Maybe you feel things or maybe you receive information that you just don’t know how it arrived to you. The avenue that is most pronounced for you is usually the channel the Angels will use to contact you. Let Suzzles help you find the ways that Angels will come to you: