angel vision

 An angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision.  ~St Thomas Aquinas

Angels can use many tools to aid us in following God’s will.  They have appeared to many people in visions or dreams.  They can protect us and guide us through our thoughts. 

When I am unclear on a specific course of action, I ask the angels to direct my thoughts.  I open my mind to their message.  I pay attention to any signs that I may receive. I allow their light to shine on my true motives, or the motives of another.  I look for the bigger picture, and try to view people and situations with kindness and compassion.Yes, and sometimes I receive the answers in my dreams.

Aligning one’s thoughts with God and the angels requires practice.  I practice spiritual exercise, just as I  would physical exercise.  I pray and ask God and the angels to see His will.  I clear my mind, and ask the angels to be with me.  I make a regular practice of meditation.  I ask for clarity of thought.

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