Are Angels Real?

v     Are angels real? Yes. I believe angels do exist. Not just in heaven, flying around in the clouds with harps, like so many pictures depict, but here among us in everyday life.  Angels have purpose.  They are messengers for God.  They assist humans, by keeping us safe, guiding us by inspiration, or by giving us a sense of well being, among many other tasks. Angels have assisted humans since the beginning of time. Since the time man first existed, God has had an angel watching and guarding.

v     Asking an angel for help is very simple.  Just ask. I want to make it clear, that I do not substitute asking the angels, for prayer to God. I use them as I believe God intended, to assist me in becoming closer to God.  I ask the angels to guard my family and me. I ask the angels for inspiration when making a decision. I use the tools that God gave me, and one of those is the angels.

v     Many people have a belief in angels. They are a part of the history of various religions and nationalities. Men and women of great faith and religious training trust and believe in angels. Artists have depicted them in many forms. Many people believe that an angel is with you at birth and/or death.

v     Angel card reading is a tool I have come to use to better communicate with the angels.  When I am unclear about a particular direction in life, or need reassurance, I ask the angels.  They are God’s messengers, and will bring his guidance. I have given readings in which the message to the individual has been so personal and direct it was unmistakable. Typically people are amazed at how clear the message is, they look at me as if I’m performing some kind of parlor trick, They do not fully understand, I am not giving the message.  The message has been brought by the angels from God.

v     God and the angels really do love us.  They watch over and guide us.  Trust and Believe.

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