Wall Fountains

Best Selling Wall Fountains

Enjoy browsing through our most popular style wall
fountains that have proven year after year that they are
the top sellers in the category.

Solid Slate Wall Fountains

Add beauty to your home or office with these wall
water fountains. Browse wall fountains with solid slate
or marble.

Marble Wall Fountains

These high-quality Adagio marble wall fountains
available in 3 beautiful marble colors.

Outdoor Wall Fountains

Enhance your tranquility with a garden wall fountain
made of fiberglass with a weathered stone or sandstone

Logo Wall Fountains

Personalize your wall fountain with a business logo,
mission statement, name, or even a custom image.

Art Wall Fountains

Wall fountains handcrafted with a stunning hand
painted fine art image set in a copper frame.

Stone Wall Water Fountains

Create a unique look with
a stone wall fountain, many styles and sizes.

Wall Fountains with Lightweight Slate

A lightweight option for your wall fountain. Browse
all lightweight slate wall fountains.

Easy Installation Wall Fountains

These wall fountains are easy to install: simply
un-package, hang, fill with water, then turn them on.

Copper Wall Fountains

Accent your decor with a beautiful wall fountain with
a copper frame. Browse now.

Glass or Mirror Wall Fountains

Glass wall fountains create a very elegant look for
any decor. See all mirrored wall fountains here.

Stainless Steel Wall Waterfalls

Create a contemporary look to any room with these
stainless steel wall fountains. Browse entire selection.

Add Interior or Exterior Style

Wall water features are a great addition to any home, office or garden. A beautiful focal point in any room or outdoor living space, a wall fountain becomes an elegant blend of art and atmosphere. An additional benefit is the ability to provide soothing water sounds without giving up valuable floor space. Gently cascading water caresses marble, granite, slate, or artistic backdrops, mingling their elegance with rippling sounds and subtly lighted surfaces.

Our wall mounted fountains are available in horizontal or vertical designs, in both interior and exterior models. Materials range from lightweight featherstone slate to heavier slates, marbles, and granites, or reflective surfaces such as stainless steel and mirrors. Others are constructed from waterproof resin or fiberglass, that resembles the concrete, copper and stone relics of by-gone eras.

Wall fountains are neither difficult to mount, nor maintain. Heavier pieces should, of course, be mounted on studs. Lighter pieces can be mounted with the assistance of anchor bolts. Informative manufacturer instructions walk you through the steps for mounting them on any surface.

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our water

Wall Water Fountains are Perfect for Businesses and Public Spaces

Not only are wall waterfalls perfect for your home as a unique piece of art and to aid in stress relief and relaxation, they are great for the commercial setting as well. Many salons, massage therapists, chiropractors, dentists and doctors place commercial water walls in their public spaces for all to enjoy. They can also be used to reinforce branding when they are customized with the business logo.